First: we are a married couple of boardgames fans.
Second: we are artist and graphic designers for a living, with more than 10 years of experience each.

Thinking how to use our evil talents in our passion, our only logical step was to create a studio to work with you to make more beautiful and high quality board games, providing our experience both as artists and as gamers.

We are:

Sebastián Koziner

Our graphic designer, Sebas worked for 10 years in videogames, but one day he discovered board games and got hooked up. Since then, he works full time giving life to upcoming tabletop projects. In his spare time, he also designed his own game ONI, succesfully kickstarted on 2015.

You can check more of his work here:
Behance Portfolio

Rocío Ogñenovich

Our artist, Ro works as a Senior motion graphic expert on Fox Latinamerica. She draws every time she can, and found in board games the perfect place to show his talent. In her free time, she publish her comic Hera in Argentina.

You can check more of her work here:
Facebook Fan Page