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London 1875 – The Cabinet of Gadgetry (C.O.G.) appeals for your help in acquiring the items required to construct The Great Apparatus – an automated machine for transporting her majesty's citizens safely and quickly through the increasingly crowded streets of London. Will you answer the call and perform your service dutifully?

C.O.G. incorporates a worker placement mechanic into a crossword game creating a truly unique and captivating gaming experience. In each round, you have 4 cogs (workers) to place. You use your cogs to claim letters (useful for spelling words), cabinet cards (providing various powers), dice (allowing one to move around the board and claim benefits from the space), and turn order (giving an advantage for the next round). Since players take turns placing 1 cog at a time, you are forced to make interesting decisions about which benefits to claim, as others may pick up the benefit you were thinking of getting. After acquiring letters, you use them to spell words on your tableau. However, you must plan your placement carefully so that you can try to cover many bonus spaces on your tableau, as well as complete sets of words to receive even more bonuses.


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Sebastián Koziner for OK ART STUDIO


Roció Ogñenovich

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